The CEO Bootcamp Application

First things first…

Are you eligible for the The Summer 2014 CEO Bootcamp in Italy ? Here are some basic requirements:

  • You’re the CEO of a tech start­up that has employees.
  • This is the first time you have been a CEO within a company of this scale.
  • You’ve logged immeasurable hours and have made tremendous sacrifices.
  • You’ve had success with your company. You realize there is more to this game than “success.”
  • You may be tired, but you must be vulnerable, curious and courageous.
  • You’re down with the retreat details.

Check your schedule:
You must arrive in Pisa/Pisa International Airport by 5pm Wednesday June 4.
You will be returned to Pisa/Pisa International Airport by 11am Monday June 9.

Registration will be open through April 20, 2014. (Closes at Midnight, MST.)
15 first­-time CEOs will be selected and notified by April 21, 2014. Payment will be due upon notification of acceptance of application.


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