What’s it like?

Folks ask us all the time: So, what’s Bootcamp like? Besides our calculus (Practical Skills + Radical Self Inquiry + Peer Support = Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resiliency), it’s hard to put into words how amazing this experience is for everyone involved. But don’t take our word for it. Here are the voices of the CEOs who have been there:

“Truly one of the most transformative few days of my life.”
- Derek Flanzraich, CEO of Greatist

“I don’t think you can really put a value on an experience like the CEO Bootcamp. To spend an entire weekend with your peers and some incredible business coaches talking about really important issues and solving problems – that only happens once in a lifetime. I was deeply challenged by the Bootcamp and came away from it as a more effective, more authentic person and leader.”
- Alex Raymond, CEO of Kapta

“I fought a 102 degree fever to go to the CEO Bootcamp. It changed my life. It changed my career. I urge CEOs: do. it.
- Nik Bauman, CEO of Tonx

“A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Bootcamp was the perfect combination of experience sharing, practical tips and self inquiry to help you understand what your job really is and how to be a better leader and person. And also many fun and magical moments that made the event truly unforgettable.”
- Inaki Ecenarro, CEO of Trovit

“If you’re serious about being a CEO do whatever you can to get into this bootcamp. You’ll be a better CEO, and more importantly, a happier, more fulfilled person. Plus it’s a lot of fun too!”
- Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability

“Awesome weekend. Great use of time, money and energy. It was great to connect with other founders/entrepreneurs/CEOs, learn and build a bond that I think will last for a long time. I feel the weekend provided me with a new set of tools for handling the day to day rigor of being the CEO of a company.”
- Kevin Kelly, CEO of Application Experts

“It wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would be an opportunity learn some more leadership tools, to meet some great people, and learn about other exciting companies. It was these things, but it was also so much more. I was impressed by how quickly the group coalesced. There was a lot of trust in the room. That trust enabled a level of honesty and vulnerability that is rarely achieved in executive offsite or leadership development conferences. Everyone knows you’re your own worst enemy. Unfortunately, we don’t often invest the time to dig into those things that hold us back from being our best, most professional self. The weekend was an opportunity to do that in a guided and supported forum. It was intimate, emotional, and powerful. I wish I could do it quarterly.”
- Sarah Bird, CEO of MOZ

“I both love the thrill of building my business and am challenged by the strains of doing so. The CEO Bootcamp posed a vision of how I can overcome my personal challenges, drive my company’s success and make the impact I want to make on the world all through a single, aligned motion based on authenticity. And the internalization of that vision is then charged by the energy of 20 CEO’s together opening up to one another around these challenges. My hope is that the experience has put me on a new path around which I plan to build my personal and professional achievements over the coming years.”
- Toby Murdock, CEO of Kapost

Jerry and his team are magicians at what they do – inspiring a group of type-A, hyper-driven CEOs to move from their heads into their hearts and tap into each individual’s innate spiritual intelligence. I went to the Bootcamp expecting to learn how to solve all of my problems and instead learned how to “be” with my problems.”
- William Morrison, CEO of Constellation Behavioral Health

“I had an awesome time and learned a ton at the CEO Bootcamp. It wasn’t focused as much on the technical aspects of being a CEO as it was on the human dimension of creating and leading an organization (which frankly, feels a lot more important). The most valuable part of the long weekend–aside from Jerry’s excellent coaching–was being able to meet and spend time with fellow CEOs.”
- Vince Horn, Chief Geek of Buddhist Geeks

“The CEO Bootcamp was really a spiritual retreat. Set in the Colorado mountains, Jerry and our coaches welcomed 13 CEOs who are all open, self-aware, and ready to work on themselves to become better leaders and build real companies. Together, we created a circle of trust within a safe environment and we went deep fast. We connected over our shared experiences of being CEO – pleasures, joys, pains, and challenges. We took an integrated approach with yoga, meditation, and delicious food mixed in with very real conversations. The retreat was so nourishing for me and now I feel ready to lead myself and my company with the courage I’ve discovered within me.
- Greg Tseng, CEO of Tagged

“… it was a life-changing event. The retreat and the program was just awesome. It was a very meaningful event in my entrepreneur life. I needed serious leadership training. Our recent fundraising process was very stressful, and my self doubt had begun to affect team building and product decisions. The bootcamp was a mixture of job training and group coaching for 13 CEOs. Jerry Colonna was very skillful and the whole program was designed beautifully.”
- Sooinn Lee, CEO of Locomotive Labs

“So, we just hit a major milestone. We successfully closed the sale of my company Tonx to Blue Bottle Coffee. I’ve been focused on this transaction ever since I left CEO Bootcamp. Prior to the Bootcamp, I could easily imagine this phase of my company’s lifecycle turning into one of the most trying thing in my life, my relationships, and my personal confidence – but instead it was simply the most challenging thing yet in a long string of hard things that I’m eager to take on. I had a set of immediately applicable techniques/skills and data around others’ perspectives directly from your bootcamp that enabled me to handle this process with much more clarity and better leadership. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,”
- Nik Bauman, CEO of TONX

“Thanks so much to the entire Bootcamp – Ali, Jerry, Sam, and Michael – it was a phenomenal long weekend. The quality of the content and other CEOs collectively made it especially inspiring, thought-provoking, and a life-changing experience on so many levels. The thought that EVERY CEO needs to go through this bootcamp – from enormous corps to teeniest size corps, was pervasive in my thoughts throughout. That said, every human in fact, would benefit – those willing to step out of their comfort zone and really understand both their past and their future – for better tomorrows.”
- Ellen Feaheny, CEO of AppFusions